Here at Frilu, our tasting menus are very much inspired by our everyday surroundings. Ambitiously, we seek to change people’s perceptions of the simple things and turn them into something interesting, visually-appealing, and obviously, tasty.

A prime example of this philosophy is the concept behind our dish, Morning Dew. In our creation, we wanted to showcase the simplistic beauty of precipitation left on strands of grass after a night of heavy rain. The dish is composed of a translucent sake ball, representing the rain drop, which is then served on a bed of musk melon snow and lime granita, symbolizing the grass. This dish is served after Lar-eo, a very indulgent plate which can leave a lasting impression on the tongue. Morning Dew is intended as a palate cleanser that will ready your taste buds for the next course.

Despite it being a transitional dish, many of our guests consider Morning Dew their favorite course in our summer menu. The sake ball sends a burst of freshness in your mouth. If you love sake, and we hope you do, that is never a bad thing. The lime granita with the notes of musk melon offer a refreshing pop of citrusy, fruity flavors, evoking the flavors of summer. The dish is right in place with what is loved about the season, no wonder making it a summer hit.

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