It’s been a little over 6 weeks since our first opening at Frilu. For guests who have already experienced our Spring or Summer tasting menus, you would recall your first presentation being the “Lar-Eo”. This snack has stayed on our tasting menus from Spring to Summer and we’re expecting it to continue on as our menus evolve throughout the seasons.

The Lar-Eo is definitely becoming one of our staples for several reasons. First, it is whimsical and playful and can transport you back into your childhood where you will find yourself reminiscing of the sweet Oreo cookie you had once enjoyed. The difference however being that the Lar-Eo is a savory version of adulthood. The cookie itself is made out of black quinoa and blueberry encompassing a spiced whipped pork fat synonymous for the Tuscan, Italian version of “lardo”. Lardo is an Italian delicacy of cured pork fat in spices and herbs (think Italian meats like salumi, prosciutto, chorizo). The result is a buttery flavor that is seductively silky and sandwiched between a nutty biscuit with sweet notes of blueberry.

Expect the Lar-Eo to remain on our tasting menus as it sets the tone for the remainder of dishes that our Chefs curate each season. Our tasting menus are meant to be surprising with dishes that excite and have their own stories to tell. Experience a tasting menu with our team and let us take you through a journey with our food.

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