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November 2018



To give our guests a deeper insight into our philosophy and the experience we provide at FRILU. Thanks to Sean Carson and Jon Raciunas from Composite Film, we have reached a stunning final result that sets the perspective for your next tasting menu experience with us. Credits: or visit

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Our Dining Atmosphere


At FRILU, we have taken the time to make every aspect of our guests’ meals as pleasant as possible; from the dishes we create to each detail in our interior design. When our customers walk through our doors, we want them to feel calm and at ease as for the next couple of hours, they [...]

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October 2018

Pumpkin Patch


As our new fall tasting menu has just been released this week, we thought this would be a perfect time to reflect on the season and what it means to us. Our summer menu encapsulated the time of the year through its lightness and brightness of ingredients, specifically featuring local and seasonal produce that Ontario [...]

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September 2018

Morning Dew


Here at Frilu, our tasting menus are very much inspired by our everyday surroundings. Ambitiously, we seek to change people’s perceptions of the simple things and turn them into something interesting, visually-appealing, and obviously, tasty. A prime example of this philosophy is the concept behind our dish, Morning Dew. In our creation, we wanted to [...]

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August 2018

“Lar-Eo” @ Frilu Tasting Menu


It’s been a little over 6 weeks since our first opening at Frilu. For guests who have already experienced our Spring or Summer tasting menus, you would recall your first presentation being the “Lar-Eo”. This snack has stayed on our tasting menus from Spring to Summer and we’re expecting it to continue on as our [...]

“Lar-Eo” @ Frilu Tasting Menu 2019-03-19T15:22:51-05:00